VAT: Special dispensation for motor dealers expired

Motor dealers may in certain instances pay an amount to a customer for a second-hand vehicle over the generally accepted trade-in market value reflected in the Auto Dealers’ Guide (motor dealers usually determine the market value of second-hand vehicles according to a publication known as the “Auto Dealers’ Guide”). The difference between this value and […]

Correction of tax invoices

Since it is illegal to issue more than one tax invoice per taxable supply, and another tax invoice may not be issued to alter any consideration in respect of an original tax invoice issued, the Value-Added Tax Act[1] prescribes very specific circumstances in which vendors may issue credit notes in respect of tax invoices that […]

The interpretative value of SARS interpretation notes

In terms of section 4 of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) Act,[1] one of the objectives of SARS is to secure the efficient, effective and widest possible enforcement of tax and related acts. One of the methods employed by SARS in this mandate is through the publication of official documents on the application, or […]