The importance of saving for retirement

Preparing for retirement requires seeing the bigger picture years before it becomes necessary. It should be one of the most important concerns for working individuals, yet many people are not making the necessary provisions for their old age. When you start a new job or enter the workforce for the first time, the last thing […]

Retirement funds and divorce: The tax implications

This article will explore the tax consequences where a member of a retirement fund and his/her spouse gets divorced and the member spouse’s retirement benefits are to be divided between him-/herself and the non-member spouse. Where the non-member spouse will receive a portion of the member spouse’s retirement fund in terms of the divorce court […]

Are retirement annuities still useful?

When talking about financial planning and investments it is not uncommon that people say and hold opinions such as “I don’t like retirement annuities, they are terrible investments!” Usually it has to do with the performance and people can’t understand how after 10 years of contributing to a retirement annuity (RA), it is worth less […]