Business life after death

Imagine your business if you or a key executive were to die unexpectedly. No-one wants to talk about death, and it’s the last thing most entrepreneurs think about when they start a business. It is, however, something that deserves a thought. Plan for the possibility now, and you will save your colleagues a lot of […]

Using a trust for estate duty purposes

Trusts are popular mechanisms through which individuals often structure their affairs to ensure efficient administration of their estates when they should one day die.  One of the many advantages of using a trust is of course that it continues to ‘live on’ despite the fact that any one individual may have died.  This in itself […]

Have you ever done your estate planning?

If you have never planned your estate, perhaps now is a good time to consider it. This will be to everyone’s benefit, as there are often hidden costs which come into effect at the time of passing, that are not taken into account when you plan your estate and inheritance. These expenses include the following: […]