Drafting employment contracts for ad hoc activities

It often happens that employers give instructions to employees that do not form part of their usual routine. This article will briefly discuss whether employees are obliged to execute all instructions received from their employer or supervisor, even if it is not what the employee was employed to do. As a point of departure, normally, an employee’s job description will be contained in their […]

Employee trust 101

Binding Private Ruling 330 (“BPR330”) was issued on 3 October 2019 and relates to the tax implications arising from distributions of dividends and other amounts from an employee trust to beneficiaries on the termination of their employment. The taxpayer (a resident trust) was established for the benefit of the black permanent employees of Company A. […]

Personal service companies

Natural person taxpayers who earns a salary have very few items of expenditure available to them which they may deduct for income tax purposes (section 23(m) of the Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962). Generally, the deductions which salaried individuals may claim for income tax purposes are limited to amongst others contributions to retirement type […]