Barter transactions: What is the tax cost of my asset?

Barter transactions are commonplace in today’s commercial environment. Parties exchange goods or services without a cash transaction underpinning it. The question is, “What happens when I sell the asset in future? Do I have a tax cost for it?” Paragraph 20(1)(a) of the Eighth Schedule to the Income Tax Act refers to ‘the expenditure actually incurred in respect of the cost […]

Income tax recoupments

In the ordinary course of business, assets used by taxpayers to conduct their trade are often written down over a number of years in the form of accounting depreciation. The Income Tax Act[1] provides similarly for assets to be written down for tax purposes over a period of time, and which wear and tear related […]

What is the cost of my estate duty?

In terms of the stipulations of section 4 of the Estate Duty Act No 45 of 1955 certain deductions from the value of an estate are allowed in order to determine the final value of the estate which will be subject to estate duty.The following two rebates are the most well-known: Section 4(q) – This […]

Implications of estate duty

Estate duty is charged on the dutiable value of the estate in terms of the Estate Duty Act. The general rule is that if the taxpayer is ordinarily resident in South Africa at the time of death, all of his/her assets (including deemed property), wherever they are situated, will be included in the gross value […]