How technology is influencing the financial world

Accounting has moved from pen and paper to the cloud, monthly payments can be done through online banking apps, and big purchases like houses and other property can be completed using cryptocurrency. For a business to be successful, it is important that is keeps up with the tech and digital world, which has shown financial […]

Accounting best practices for small businesses

When it comes to looking after the welfare of a business, accounting tops the list as being the most important. Without proper accounting, a business runs the risk of losing everything. The following are a few best practices that are essential for businesses to take note of. Check it off your list first Proper accounting […]

The future of accounting degrees: Will degrees be replaced by diplomas?

There often appears to be a perception that accounting diplomas are inferior to accounting degrees. However, employers often disagree with this statement. Employers appoint both people with accounting degrees and accounting diplomas, depending on the requirements of a specific post. Some factors for consideration when choosing between obtaining a degree or a diploma are discussed […]