Overcome your shopping addiction

Shopaholism, or compulsive shopping, is a behavioural issue that has become increasingly prevalent in the era of easy online shopping access. While it may seem harmless initially, shopaholism can quickly escalate, significantly affecting an individual’s life in various negative ways. Can shopaholism be considered a real addiction? Shopaholism or compulsive shopping is recognised as a […]

A proactive management approach to beat burnout

There’s a wonderful thing about the way that our minds and bodies function to keep us healthy. Throughout our nervous systems, our bodies are constantly processing information and sharing that information with the various systems that require it. When something goes wrong, our bodies will try to tell us. But what if reach a point […]

Customs for individuals travelling abroad and returning to South Africa

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) recently published a media release to clarify the confusion about the customs requirements for South African travellers returning from abroad regarding their personal effects (such as laptops and other electronic equipment). The confusion stems from various media reports on the inconsistent treatment of returning travellers by customs officials, some […]

Can someone record me without my permission?

Over the past few months, we have seen videos being posted on social media of physical altercations, poor service delivery and racial slurs, but the victims of the videos and audible recordings are usually unaware that they are being recorded. The recordings are conducted without their permission and then shared. But is someone allowed to […]

Family business stories

1. James and Sarah have been avoiding each other like the plague for more than a week now. Sarah joined her husband James a year ago in his construction business as the accountant. They have been locked in battle since day one: About who must do what, how much time she can take off for […]

The future of accounting degrees: Will degrees be replaced by diplomas?

There often appears to be a perception that accounting diplomas are inferior to accounting degrees. However, employers often disagree with this statement. Employers appoint both people with accounting degrees and accounting diplomas, depending on the requirements of a specific post. Some factors for consideration when choosing between obtaining a degree or a diploma are discussed […]