Maximising wealth, minimising tax

A comparative look at retirement annuities versus tax-free savings accounts. When it comes to personal finance, every individual has different needs, dreams and financial goals, as well as different pathways to achieving those objectives. One of the most common long-term ambitions shared by many South Africans is to retire comfortably—to live confidently, knowing that there […]

VAT and freelance creatives: Understanding where the buck stops

When someone says influencer, freelance designer, writer, or content creator (collectively referred to as a creative freelancer), do you think VAT?  Probably not—and you’re not alone. Many creative freelancers don’t consider taxes in their creative pursuits. It’s not a topic that readily comes to mind when you’re brainstorming ideas or putting the finishing touches on […]

General principles for tax deductions

When can you deduct an expense?  Section 11(a) contains the general principles One of the most-asked tax questions goes along the lines of “can I deduct xxx against my income?” There are two ways to answer this type of question. One is to create a never-ending list of every type of deduction one could contemplate, […]

Paying salaries: What can go wrong?

South African businesses face unique payroll challenges. From strict regulatory requirements to the specific needs of a diverse workforce, managing payroll requires precision, understanding, and the right approach. Here are some critical payroll mistakes businesses often encounter and our expert advice on how to avoid them: Misclassifying employees In South Africa, the distinction between independent […]

Share disposals: Calculating SARS’s slice

How to work out the taxable capital gain when disposing of share investments One of the underlying principles of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is that a capital gain is normally determined as being the difference between the proceeds on sale of an asset, less the so-called ‘base cost’. Calculating the base cost is therefore critical […]

How to object to your income tax assessment

You and SARS are entitled to have a difference of opinion This article, which was originally published in the May 2014 issue of Tax Breaks, has been updated to take later developments in SARS’ processes (and e-filing functionality) into account. YOU’VE GOT your tax return in on time, and your tax practitioner told you that […]

Strategies for responsible store card usage

Store cards offer numerous advantages, but it’s crucial to utilise them wisely and responsibly while maintaining financial discipline. Store cards provide a convenient way to purchase items when needed, possibly with no interest, as well as additional benefits like access to affiliated stores, loyalty club memberships, and exclusive offers that are not available to the […]

Retirement planning – Distributing retirement fund death benefits

Allocating death benefits, and determining appropriate methods of payment Once the board of trustees has determined the beneficiaries and is satisfied that its proposed allocation is fair and equitable, the beneficiaries must elect how they would like to receive the death benefit. The final duty of the trustees is to determine the most appropriate manner […]

Unlocking the benefits of expert tax planning

Tax planning is the strategic organization of financial affairs to minimize tax liability by utilizing deductions, exemptions, allowances, and rebates within the confines of the law. Despite the perceived complexity, tax planning offers streamlined financial management and significant savings. For business owners, it is an ongoing commitment with substantial benefits, going beyond tax payment to […]