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Snijder & Associates is a firm of registered Auditors and Accountants, which is located in Pretoria.


  • We will uphold our promises to our clients and to one another.
  • We will be honest and sincere in all our actions.
  • We will work diligently, efficiently and with commitment.


  • We will comply with professional codes of practice.
  • We will maintain high standards in our professional appearance, communication and general behaviour.
  • We will be disciplined and consistent in our behaviour.



We Offer The Following Services​

Auditing and annual Financial Statements

All audit work is performed in accordance with the International Auditing Standards.

Monthly Accounting and Payroll

We use Pastel as our preferred accounting package, and VIP as the salary administration program.

Estate planning, Wills and Deceased Estates

Building strong personal relations with our clients ensures effective and empathic winding up of a deceased estate.

Small Business Department

The Small Business Department specialises in servicing our smaller clients with a dedicated service at affordable rates.

Financial and Retirement Planning

As a Franchise of ACS Financial Management (Pty) Ltd, we are able to render a comprehensive Financial advice service backed by a competent team of advisors.


We believe that a successful client enhances our practice. At Snijder & Associates, we close the gap between the owners of a business and other stakeholders

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Anyone can start up a business. Registration at the city council is not necessary, except in certain circumstances. One can trade as a sole proprietor, or form a trading entity i.e. private company.

Only if your business turnover exceeds R1 000 000 per annum, registration is compulsory. One may register on a voluntary basis if turnover is less than R1 000 000.

Apart from income tax, and depending on your business, one should register for:

UIF – (Unemployment insurance fund)
PAYE – (Employees tax)
WCA – (Workmen’s compensation)
SDL – (Skills development levy)

Anyone who is in business to lose money should rather do nothing and sit at home. To pay tax, means that you made money. To grow your business, one needs money. Rather make it your goal to be profitable from day one.

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